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The 4 most common hostel management mistakes

Managing a hostel is not easy. Staying on top of reservations, inventory, products, cash flow, overseeing the day-day of the hostel are a few activities performed daily by those who have a business in this branch.

Trying to keep up, it’s common to get overwhelmed and lose sight of the goals you had for the hostel. It’s a strong warning that you’re making mistakes in the management your own business. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of four most common hostel management mistakes, including several tips to get you back on track!

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Google Business: Why to Use and How to Start

Being part of Google Business is virtually mandatory nowadays.

Not all internet searches are for blog articles or news – sometimes we want to know the hours of operation of an establishment, the address and how to get there, or the phone, and maybe find out if other people have had negative or positive experiences.

Learn how to take advantage of this!